Currency Crypto Is The Most Profitable To Invest In

Currency Crypto Is The Most Profitable To Invest In – Assets crypto or currency kriptoin such as Bitcoin, degocoin, Etereum etc. to be the means of most profitable investment throughout the first half of 2021. But not bitcoin or ethereum which become assets crypto most profitable.

Throughout the second quarter of 2021 assets crypto is often shrouded in negative sentiment and overshadowed the action of profit-taking. As a result, the price of bitcoin, eterium, degocoin also very close. But still the performance of some crypto currency still managed to outperform the asset class conventional.

After the performance of a number of assets with data from Bloomberg, Coinmarketcap, and Logammulia:

The portfolio back to the first half of 2021
Bitcoin 19.12%
Corporate bonds 4,84%
GBPIDR from 4.55%
USDIDR 3.20%
SGDIDR 1.43%
The bonding state 0.96%
AUDIDR 0,41%
EURDR by -0.13%
Index 0.11%
JPYIDR -3,65%
Gold Futures -7,43%
Spot gold -7,37%
Antam’s gold -14.82% (compared with the price of the buyback)

Coin Binance for example, the currency coded BNB posted to produce up to 661,62% in the first six months yesterday. The ID of Gabriel Rey said high performance BNB, not because of the increasing financial decentralization popular (DeFi).

In addition, DeFi will also always have a request as a user of the assets crypto always require the exchange and to produce agricultural assets kriptonya. Dus, BNB fundamentally clear, in contrast with the altcoin Movement is due to speculation.

Entering the second half of this year, Gabriel see Bitcoin still has the potential to be an asset class with the best performance. According to him, the community is currently waiting for the decision of the SEC to give consent ETFIN. He said, the SEC must provide a statement in the third quarter of 2021 or more of before the end of this year.

“Actually, this decision is only a matter of time, the SEC does not seem to refuse, because Bitcoin is already used in the neighbors, namely the countries of South America and Canada,” said Gabriel told Wednesday (30/6).

After the performance of the assets crypto with the largest market capitalization with a data source Coinmarketap:

Assets crypto back to the first half of 2021
Bitcoin 19.12%
Ethereum 190,44%
Binance coin 661.62%
Cardano 586,78%

Gabriel called, when THE Bitcoin approved by the SEC, then it will become a gateway to the influx of money from a group of banking and insurance bitcoin. This will be a positive catalyst for the Bitcoin price, as well as asset crypto other that the price is following the trend of Bitcoin.

Even so, he sees the prospect of BNB, tend to be depressed at the end of this year. This is in line with the beginning of the to the presence of countries such as the Uk which prohibits the exchange of Binance. If other countries join prohibits the exchange of Binance, it must be negative for BNB.

“So investors BNB to pay attention to this . Assets crypto might have an interesting prospect is Etereum (ETH) as an approach with the launch of ETH 2.0,” said Gabriel.

Corporate Bonds Champions Of Investing Tools Conventional

While for the instrument both, of bonds of the company actually managed to record a performance of the most enchanting. Letter of state bonds, currencies, and stocks. Head of fixed income Sucorinvest Asset Management Difas Joseph said, throughout the first half of 2021, the issuance of corporate bonds is relatively not a lot.

While on the one hand, liquidity will continue to grow. With a lack of supply, the price and total return of corporate bonds also increased which is ok in the middle of the market becomes volatile.

“Plus, corporate bonds also have average of the coupon is higher than the state bonds. While state bonds throughout the First half of the performance 2021 depression by the increased yield of the US Treasury at the beginning of years ago, ” said Natas.

In fact, Dimas saw sovereign bonds could potentially record a better performance compared with the first half yesterday. Because, the current yield of US Treasury is already much more stable than the beginning of the year. Though not rejected, in the short term will be distressed along with the increase in cases of Cold-19 and restrictions on social.

Dimas actually called when such a correction so the right time to get into the SECURITIES market because it is the pressure will not be reduced. At the end of the first half of 2021, the Fed signaled it will do the normalization of interest rates more quickly than expected, so the market is expecting an increase.

However, Dimas mentioned that the impact of coercion on Indonesia’s Bond Market is very small. This is because the market is already expecting to see it in line with the communication from the Fed that is much better compared to 2013 to provide guidance and a period of time so that the market can get ready.

“On the one hand, the issuance of corporate bonds will also be more life in the second half of 2021 so that the supply will increase. Therefore, there is a potential bonds of the state will pursue corporate bonds, ” said Dimas.

Currency Is The Pound Sterling Okay

Currency pound sterling appears to be the major currencies with the best performance throughout the first half of 2021. Recorded, the pair GBP / USD managed to strengthen to 4.5%, to surpass the USD / IDR, which grew by 3.2% and SGD/IDR grow from 1.43%.

While the currency pair EUR / USD appropriately corrected yield of 0.13%. While the USD / JPY is attenuated up to 3.65% in the first half of 2021.

Analysts at Monex Investindo Futures Fisyal explained, the strengthening of the Pound, not despite the lightness of the sentiment of brexit at the beginning of last year. In addition, the British also became one of the countries that had the vaccination program and the fastest so the recovery process can be run more quickly.

On the one hand, the yen became the most under because Japan still continues to hit crisis Ovid-19. Vaccination efforts that slow doesn’t help much ¥ fundamental. Plus, currency safe haven investors that perfect day this is the Dollar of the United States (U.S.), not yen.

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So what are the dynamics of the currency to move in a half this year? Faisyal estimate the appropriate U.S. dollar will be much more superior in terms of performance compared to the Pound sterling.

“The uk is currently affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 Variant of Delta that could potentially hinder the recovery of economic activity . While the U.S. dollar are in the wind as the beginning of the emergence of hawkish comments from Federal officials, ” said Fasyal

In addition, Fasyal said vaccination efforts the U.S. is also one of the most major such as English. Therefore, it is also feeling positive for the U.S. dollar to the front along with the potential for a recovery in the U.S. economy.

Plus, a variant of the delta that would be negative for the pound sterling court sterling could potentially be a positive catalyst for the U.S. dollar. This is because in the midst of uncertainty and investors ‘ attention, then the U.S. dollar as a safe place the liquid will become a target.

Rejected stock and gold

JCI could not rise during the first six months of this year, which only recorded a growth of 0.11%. Head of Business Development Division of Henan Putihrai Asset Management Reza Fahmi explained, the factors of the global economy is that next year is likely the FEDS will cut purchases of U.S. assets and the interest rate the U.S. is still Heavy Stock.

“Plus, don’t ever impact of the spread of Covid-19 so that Indonesia must re-apply social constraints are tight . The impact, the economic recovery again interrupted thereby making the stock surged, ” said Reza,

For the future, the development of the stock market is still determined by how fast the government is capable of dealing with deployment-19 variant of Delta. If PPKM emergency turns enforced for too long, will inhibit the growth of the economy at the end of the second quarter to the third quarter of 2021.

Therefore, Reza rate, the government can cope with the spread of Covid-19 with efficient and not berlarasi. In addition, vaccination efforts the drive is also expected to help accelerate the recovery of economic activity to the next. Until the end of this year, he predicted the index would exist in the area of 5,500.

There is an emergency PPKM, this stock to watch

While the fate of the gold rated Failsyal will depend on the speed of global vaccination. If the vaccination is successful, of course the price of gold will be back in the trend correction is over. However, the spread of current from the Covid-19 variant Delta also worth noting, if the vaccine to successfully confront the spread of this one.

“If not managed and the case of Ovid-19 sharp, gold as a safe place will be the target. Automatic price can be strengthened, ” said Fisyal

Faisyal predict gold will move in the range of US$ 1,650 per ons troi-US$ 1900 per ons troi throughout the rest of the year.

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