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Best Day Trading Platform For Beginners – The Foreign Exchange market (Forex) is one of the financial market is very active and the most significant. This market is not controlled by the government, institutions, or people because of their large size. In addition, the Forex market has no centralized market such as Market the Financial Security of the other.

The interesting thing about the forex market is open at any time of the day Monday to Friday. In addition, it may recorded a trading volume of more than $ 3.5 trillion in one day. Trading Volume was three times more than the trading volume of the combined U.S. financial markets. Therefore, the Forex market is the most liquid market in the whole world.

Individuals, businesses, governments, and institutions in great need of foreign currency to sell and buy services and goods. However, the price is very influenced by the participants of the most prominent in the financial market where most of the financial centers are located, such as London and New York.

So, how can You do the trading on the Forex market in Indonesia? How to Time the Forex Market in Indonesia? Let’s find out more.

Forex Trading Sessions

High liquidity, activity day and night make forex trading very important. However, the trading hours of the best depend on the volatility and activity in the market. Liquidity will increase when more people around the world participate in forex trading. In addition, when trading spread which is the difference between the asking price and the bid, tightened to create a situation that is beneficial and profitable for the trader.

Is Volatility a good thing?

The rate at which the price of the currency is constantly fluctuating known as volatility. Volatility is advantageous because it offers the opportunity to make a profit whenever the price changes, and that’s the function of forex trading.

Because of the abundance of global exchange in the forex trading market, the volume and volatility trading will be increased whenever two or more exchange opened.

The Trading Session Is Different

Although the forex market is versatile, every market has specific characteristics. A Trader will not get profit from all market because of its value seems to be up and down constantly. So, You need to find the time and the best trends to trade forex.

The London Session

The European session or London is the center of foreign exchange in terms of trading forex. In addition, they offer a time frame which is very important for traders in the chart. London is considered as an important market because the trading volume of the London stock exchange shadowing the volume of the trading Session in New York and Asia.

The other reason, the London session has been experiencing the impact of the movement of the economy is crucial. That’s why the London session can provide the foundation of ideal from scalping to swing trading strategy for short term and long term.


The Asian session begins on Monday. You can find the beginning of the start on the Tokyo stock exchange and the Sydney when the trade is quite slow. Not a lot of people who participate in the Asian Session.

Only those traders who want to avoid the consequences of participating in the Trading Session Forex Asia. Most of the sessions did not see the movement of anything and mostly not active.

The New York Session

In the North American Session, the level of volatility is quite high. This makes traders are confused about the best time to trade because the trading volume is very uncertain.

The time zone of the Session in New York to face the ups and downs. Only the skilled trader and an adept who has advanced knowledge about the movement of the prices and to develop a Forex trading strategy that is solid can make a profit.

Forex Market hours in Indonesia

Forex Market hours starting from Monday and ending up Friday. However, from the perspective of a trader average, there are four time window is important to note in Jakarta.

  • Sydney: From 07:00 PM to 13:00 PM
  • Japan: From 7:00 PM to 13:00 PM
  • London: From 15:00 PM to 23:30 PM
  • New York: From 20:30 PM to 3:00 PM

  • Forex Trading Sessions OverlapWhat happens when two trading sessions forex overlap? In such a scenario, the level of participation and the level of volatility and reach the sky. The increase in sales and purchase of currency by the trader will result in an increase volatility and decrease the spread. However, not all of the sessions and the overlap display similar results.

    Exchange Japanese and Sydney’s often open but experiencing the movement of the lower. It seems that this shows the fluctuations of the pip higher when there is only one exchange that works.

    Therefore, people who do forex trading in Tokyo-London may find overlap disappointing because most of the traders of East Asia start the afternoon. On the other hand, a trader AS deep sleep, and trader Europe start their daily activity.

    When the two largest financial centers, New York and London, the overlap, the action is actually happening. The Euro and the U.S. dollar (EUR / USD) is the currency of the popular, and the overlap of the market offers opportunities to trade in all over the world.

    The overlap time is best for traders in Indonesia’s largest exchange is as follows:

    • The Overlap time of the U.S.-Europe: 20:00 PM to 23:30 PM
    • The currency pair is most popular / not stable during this period is the EURUSD. Other currency pairs that can be considered is the GBP USD and usd / CHF.
    • The time overlap of the Asia-Europe: 14:00 PM to 15:00 PM
    • The currency pair is most popular / not stable during this period is GBPJPY
    • Currency from Forex Trading During the Market Session
    • What currency should You use when trading forex? Below are the major currencies that offer trading opportunities for traders.

    New York

    Trading of New York closely monitored by foreign investors in which the U.S. dollar is involved in the main. In addition, the movement of the stock market affect the value of the dollar.


    The city is known as the capital city of trading, which largely focuses on the global currency market — fluctuations in the Bank of England in the influence of GBP state at this time.


    The Japanese Yen saw action in large enough quantities in Trading Asia. The currency pair USD / JPY was observed by the Tokyo Markets as the Bank of Japan deeply affected him.


    Sydney is the starting point of the trade. This is because Sydney is one of the smallest markets, he experienced initial actions when the market open after the day of the Week.

    The Auction mechanism-Hours Trading on the stock Exchange Indonesia

    Forex is also traded on the Indonesia stock Exchange. Indonesia stock exchange is the result of a merger between the Jakarta stock Exchange and Surabaya stock Exchange.

    Hours of trading in Indonesia is as follows, from Monday to Friday:

    • First session: 9:00:00 PM until 11:30:00 PM
    • Second session: 13:30:00 PM till 15:00:00 PM
    • The session After Trading: 15:05:00 PM to 15:15:00 PM
    • The mechanism of an auction closing and opening of normally operates when the price of time in accordance with the open orders on priority in Jakarta.

    Open Auction

    There is a session pre-opening (pre-opening) from 8:45:00 PM-8:55:00 PM where You can enter any order, and the match took place between 8:55:00 PM – 8:59:59 PM before the market actually opened around the clock 9:00:00 PM.

    Closing The Auction

    A trader can get sale offer that fits in with a request to buy you if You go during a session of pre-closure. By using the price-points of priority, time of the trade the pre-closing starts from 15:50:00 AM and ends at 16:00 PM during summer time DST.

    Trading in Indonesia

    Forex Trading requires experience a high level, the control of emotions, and knowledge. If You want to succeed in forex trading, You have to invest Your time.

    Do not need a lot of time for forex market in Indonesia to grow rapidly. Moreover, the government also relies on the foreign exchange for funding. The official currency IDR, Indonesian Rupiah, issued by the Bank of Indonesia.

    Bank Indonesia set the broker (broker) Forex and give the country’s exchange rate. In addition, the bank monitors and authorize foreign exchange broker. Brokers must comply with the limitations, terms, conditions, and strict rules given by the central bank. However, this will help if You are just looking for a broker that is regulated and licensed.

    The End Of The Word

    Forex Trading in Indonesia is challenging until You do not know about the Forex trading hours. Like other countries, the legality of forex trading can make the trader is in a dilemma.

    So, if You are a trader that seek time is the best trading in Indonesia, we have the solution. Register with us to get the free guide and a practice account before You try to start forex trading.

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